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The comedy was as One Piece as it gets and that Burndy laugh is ridiculous. The bias is strong with me, Hancock made me fanboy at each of her scenes. Rating: 80, 000, Beli. Aug 31, 2014  ONE PIECE 3D2Y 3D2YEPISODE SPECIAL 8 All credits go to TOEI ANIMATION& Echiro ODA Episode Special Burndy World is the leader of the World Pirates and a former inmate of Impel Downs lowest level. Hes a man who wants to crush the World Government and is the wielder of the MoaMoa Fruit which makes everything he touches 100 times bigger and, if in movement, 100 times faster.

Sep 27, 2014 Film& Animation; Suggested by Toei Animation JP Mix [One Piece AMV Luffy vs Burndy World I See Red YouTube; One Piece AMV One piece 3D2Y AMV Luffy vs Burdy world Courtesy call Burndy part YA6CA3, Burndy product YA6CA3, Burndy item YA6CA3, 6 AL 1HOLE 38, view details, price and availability at Burndy catalog.

Burndy part YA8CLBOX, Burndy product YA8CLBOX, Burndy item YA8CLBOX, 8 STR CU 1HOLE SHORT 8, view details, price and availability at Burndy catalog. The official One Piece website has revealed new information surrounding the character Byrnndi World who will be playing a central role in the upcoming 3D2Y anime special on Aug.

30th. Byrnndi World who holds vast power in both arms is aptly called the Destroyer of Worlds. His trademark Burndy World (Bandy? ) surnomm The Destroyer of the World grce son fruit du dmon MoaMoa, sest vad du niveau 6 de la prison de Impel Down (La Grande Prison sousmarine).

El nombre completo del especial es" One Piece 3D2Y: Superando la muerte de Ace! El juramento de Luffy a sus amigos". El oponente de Luffy en este nuevo especial de TV es Burndy World, uno de los prisioneros que escap del Level 6 de Impel Down. BURNDY CONNECT. Now Live And Available For Download In Any Mobile App Store. Download for Android. BURNDY CONNECT. Now Live And Available For Download In Any Mobile App Store Download for Android.

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