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Funny movie quotes from The Inspector General Funny movie quotes from The Inspector General (1949) starring Danny Kaye Kovatch (Alan Hale Jr.

): Oh, I love my family, but Id give my six kids to get rid of my wife. Dec 31, 1949  A pleasant farce with a fine cast, " The Inspector General" gives Danny Kaye a chance to show off his many talents, and also tells a story that The Inspector General is a Technicolor tourdeforce for Danny Kaye, who stars as Georgi, a goodhearted soul traveling with a medicine show.

Customers are promised the best of health when they purchase a bottle of phony magic elixir, but Georgi's conscience As a movie, I really enjoy The Inspector General. Highlights are Kaye as a medicine show toady, the gypsy drinking song number which combines many of Kaye's unique abilities, and a hilarious banquet scene where Kaye's starving character indulges to stuporous excess.

Sep 23, 2011 An adaptation of a play by Nikolay Gogol. A carnival medicine man arrives at an Eastern European village and is mistaken for the feared Inspector General. Though The Inspector General bombed at he box office and reviews were not sparkling, this is one of Danny's movies that seems Danny kaye movie inspector general be a little easier to find, easier than say Up in Arms, one of the hardest films to find for purchase.

The Inspector General also seems to be generally enjoyed by most fans. Unfortunately biographers, as well as Danny himself, have not held this same sentiment. The Inspector General: Collector's Edition Multitalented Danny Kaye, when plopped down into a time and place long gone (as he also was in his outrageously delightful 1955 comedy, " The Court Danny Kaye, Soundtrack: The Danny Kaye Show.

Danny Kaye left school at the age of 13 to work in the socalled Borscht Belt of Jewish resorts in the Catskill Mountains. It was there he learned the basics of show biz. From there he went through a series of jobs in and out of the business. In 1939, he made his Broadway debut in" Straw Hat Revue, " but it was the stage production of the musical" Danny Kaye (born David Daniel Kaminsky; January 18, 1911 March 3, 1987) Kaye starred in 17 movies, notably Wonder Man (1945), The Kid from Brooklyn (1946), Kaye was busy with The Inspector General (which had a working title of Happy Times).

This sparkling 1949 musical comedy stars Hollywood icon Danny Kaye (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, White Christmas) as Georgi, an illiterate stooge in a traveling medicine show who escapes to a mysterious town after accidentally revealing that the elixir they?

re selling is a fraud. Aug 06, 2005 Watch video Georgi (Danny Kaye) an illiterate member of a gypsy medicine show, is mistaken for the feared and cruel Inspector General.