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Time Traveler for happygolucky. The first known use of happygolucky was in 1835. See more words from the same year HappyGoLucky is a 2008 British comedydrama film written and directed by Mike Leigh. The screenplay focuses on a cheerful and optimistic primary school teacher and her relationships with those around her. Apr 18, 2008 Watch video Poppy Cross is happygolucky. At 30, she lives in Camden: cheeky, playful, frank while funny, and talkative to strangers.

She's a conscientious and exuberant primaryschool teacher, flatmates with Zoe, her longtime friend; she's close to one sister, and not so close to another. Oct 23, 2008 Mike Leigh's" HappyGoLucky" is the story of a good woman. As simple as that.

We first see Poppy peddling her bike through London, and smiling all the time to herself. She stops at a bookshop and tries to cheer up the dour proprietor. No, that isn't right. She doesn't want to change him, just I thought I would at least enjoy Sally Hawkins' performance, but she doesn't seem happygolucky. She seems drunk, and drunk people are only funny when you are drunk too.

Well, about as happygolucky a track as a track about the suffocating pressures of marriage and family can be.

Beyonces New 711 and Ring Off Will Give You Reason to Live (And Dance) Kevin Fallon. November 21, 2014. happygolucky definition: 1. A happygolucky person does not plan much and accepts what happens without becoming worried. 2. not easily made worried or And if you repeat my world view, if you reconfirm my world view, you will pass your exams and you will go higher and higher and higher, and you will become a policeman, a magistrate, a lawyer, a general, a politician.