Psycho 2 movie spoiler alert

Jan 20, 2017  Watch video  Spoiler alert: Get out of here right now if you dont want to know anything about the final revelation of M. Night Shyamalans Split.

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and it makes the movie even more compelling the second time Phoenixbased Marion Crane, who has for ten years worked as an assistant to real estate agent George Lowery, laments the fact she and her divorc boyfriend, Sam Loomis, can't get married due to money issues, he a penniless hardware store clerk whose debt is a result of having to pay alimony.

Spoiler alert: The Sixth Sense voted film with best twist Supernatural thriller starring Bruce Willis comes out top ahead of Psycho and The Usual Suspects in poll to find biggest cinematic shock Oct 27, 2009 Psycho is a black and white movie. In the beginning a woman named Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) stole 40, 000 dollars from her boss. And she headed to Phoenix, Arizona.