Robot dog movie in redbox

I recently chatted with Daisy Yuhas, whos the Senior Marketing Manager for Movies and Games at Redbox. We touched on what a great value Redbox offers with its previously rented movies and games which I have to admit I didnt know much about.

Plot: An inventor creates a mechanical dog for his son after the family pet dies, but the automated canine brings with it all kinds of new adventures for the family. Not Rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. Redbox the fireenginecolored DVD and Bluray rentalservice kiosks are great when you want to add" get movies" to your errand list.

The service offers lots of familyfriendly and kidtargeted entertainment, too. Use our list of top picks when you want to find the best Redbox rentals for families. Plot: An aging thief with a fading memory finds his love for larceny reinvigorated after receiving a robot caretaker from his concerned son. Together, the robber and Plot: In this heartwarming prequel, a young boy expects tiresome days of drudgery after he's sent to visit his grandfather in remote West Australia, but instead he finds adventure and a lifelong friend in the form of a pugnacious dog with bright red fur.

Five digits zip code would be kind of like your password. Please enter a valid zip code, so we can find movies close to your location. Click here to change your previously entered zipcode. May 17, 2018 " That's my dog I want it back. " Global Road Entertainment has debuted the first official trailer for Oliver Daly's new movie AXL, or AXL, about a giant robot dog that becomes friends with a The best movies on Redbox right now include many films of Paste's Best Movies of 2017 and 2018 (So Far) including some hidden gems among the bigbudget movies plastered all over the Redbox display.