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The Irish arm of Smith& Williamson snapped up Bloxham Stockbrokers private clients book in 2012. Mr Cruess Callaghan said the business here is performing very well. Smith& Williamsons assessment centre: tips for the group exercise The assessment centre is designed for you to see and learn more about the firm as well as for its recruiters to test you. The importance of joining in cannot be overstated Smith and Williamson Assessments Numerical Reasoning This psychometric test comprises of a series of questions to be answered in within a specific time which will vary from company to company.

The Smith and Williamson Assessment Centre If you have done well enough in the earlier stages, you will be invited to the Smith and Williamson assessment centre. This is a fairly long day starting at approximately 9: 45 in the morning and only finishing at 3: 30 in the afternoon.

Dec 03, 2012 Hi everyone, does anyone have any experience with Smith and Williamson? I have an assessment centre coming up in a few weeks and there is barely any information on their website about what the day will consist of. Application. I applied online. I interviewed at Smith& Williamson in January 2016.

Interview. Assessment centre consisted of what was detailed, group exercise& written exercise with understanding the company's services crucial. Application. I applied online. The process took 5 weeks. I interviewed at Smith& Williamson (London, England) in November 2017.

Interview. The Assessment centre started at 10am with 18 people, sitting the standard verbal and numerical SHL tests, former with the wellknown questions on deep sea explorations, China economy, spread of ecommerce, etc. Passing these brought you to an assessment centre where the tests were repeated, a group task then took place (6 group members working through a fictitious situation and finally an individual task whereby you had to review an imaginary prospective clients information and write a briefing email to a partner.

Smith& Williamson interview questions and answers from candidates who have experience of a Smith& Williamson interview. The assessment centre started with psl tests which were much harder than the online ones. We then had to do a written exercise which tested our knowledge of Smith and Williamson services. Finally, we had a group exercise where we were given a variety of sponsorship proposals for SW, and we had to decide which one was the best from the list Entry requirements.

As a firm, our ability to deliver the quality of advice and service our clients expect relies on the quality of our people. With this in mind, we look for a minimum 2: 1 undergraduate degree.

Smith& Williamson As a leading accountancy and financial services group, Smith& Williamson is at the heart of the scaleup agenda. The firms dedicated entrepreneurial services group provides a wide range of commercial, financial and taxation services to ambitious growth businesses, as well as their owners and investors.

Assessment Centre; How to Write a CV. More. Interview Preparation. More. Internships; Work Experience; Smith& Williamson was particularly attractive as the firm combined an accountancy practice with an investment management business, and therefore gave me the opportunity to experience both.

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