Speed movie bus explosion today

Smoke bellows from the bus shortly after the explosion on Sunday morning. Photograph: Steve ParsonsPA The blast created a huge fireball that ripped off the top of the bus as it crossed the bridge Nov 28, 2015 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Speed is a 1994 American action thriller film directed by Jan de Bont in his feature film directorial debut. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton, Alan Ruck, and Jeff Daniels. The film tells the story of an LAPD cop who tries to rescue civilians on a city bus rigged with a bomb programmed to explode if the bus slows down below 50 mph. Sep 16, 2015 Jack (Keanu Reeves) and Annie (Sandra Bullock) barely escape the bus before it explodes into a plane.

FILM DESCRIPTION: If you don't think Speed is the fastestmoving adventure film ever made, we Speed is a 1994 actionthriller film that focuses on police officer Jack Traven who must race against speed to foil the crazed plan of an insane bomberextortionist, who sets up a bomb on a city bus which Traven boards, which must keep moving above 50 miles per hour (80 kmh) or the bomb will explode.

When the bus takes the off ramp into the city, it slams into a few cars and if you look clearly when the bus hits a car before plowing through the caution signs, the right front corner of the bus is caved in from the impact. but throughout the movie, the bus seems to be in perfect shape. The film was parodied in a Fat Sweaty Coppers sketch in the 1996 Christmas special of The Fast Show (1994), which in that sketch, John Thomson's character attempts to get on a doubledecker bus that has been rigged to explode if the bus' speed drop below five miles per hour.

A doubledecker bus was blown up on bridge in front of Parliament in London on Sunday morning, sparking panic from those nearby who were unaware it was done on a movie set. Payne ducks through a door and an explosion follows almost immediately, leading them to believe he killed himself.

Later, a verymuchalive Payne phones Jack, telling him that a bus has been rigged with explosives. The Speed movies have been parodied numerous times. For" its like Speed 2 only with a bus instead of a boat. " It is also The actual reason for the blast was a movieinthemaking, The Foreigner, staring Jackie Chan.

But some people who saw the bus explode with their own eyes either live or online expressed horror, thinking terrorism was to blame. Speed Video has free live HD drag racing events, outlaw street, radial, big tire, X275, and noprep racing, all live streaming and ondemand. The bus wheels reached a height of 20 feet from the ground, higher than the camera crew expected, which explains why the top of the bus goes out of frame in the movies shot.

Share This Facebook Speed 2: Cruise Control is a 1997 American action thriller film produced and directed by Jan de Bont, and written by Randall McCormick and Jeff Nathanson. It is a sequel to Speed (1994). The film stars Jason Patric, Willem Dafoe, and Sandra Bullock the last reprising her role from Speed.