Superman new suit movie

Snyder posted the image on his Vero account, explaining that he put Cavill in the iconic suit to show Warner Bros. that Cavill was the perfect choice to play Superman in what would become 2013's Check out this shedload of new photos for Justice League, which give us a great look at Superman's new suit, among other things. Even once Superman is resurrected, there is still some time that passes before he returns in this new suit. At first, KalEl is confused and attacks members of the Justice League, but he does all of this shirtless.

Once Lois snaps him out of this mindset, the two return to Kansas. [UPDATE: Check out the new suit, as revealed in Action Comics# 976 Research coming in just a few months, along with the character changes and revelations that convince Superman That likely means that" Justice League" will closely follow the plot of the" Death and Return of Superman" comic series from the 1990s, which saw the Man The idea that the suit (and S) were Kryptonian in nature was first introduced in 1978's Superman: The Movie, and I like seeing that emphasized in the comics these days.

Lets face it, Blue, Red and yellow suit, looks amazing in the comics but in a movie looks, well it looks dumb, the main reason why movie Batman costume In advance of the Justice League's Bluray release, Warner Bros.

released a new clip today which should get everybody ready to revisit the world of the Zack SnyderJoss Whedon film. With it comes some valitdation too, as it would seem that those rumors of Superman's black suit (worn by him in the comics after his resurrection) being included in Justice League had a shred of truth to them after